The flavours of Italy

We have been developing our passion and devotion to table olives for three generations.

Development and Tradition

We want you to have genuine products on your table every day, products with an unmistakable taste, perfect for creating dishes that delight the palate while also looking great. For this reason, we promote the traditional produce of the region and control all the phases of production: from the cultivation of the olives to the harvest, up to the moment they are packaged, to ensure that our products always arrive fresh.
We protect the olives and process them, without rushing, and taking great care, as we do with the things we care about the most. We combine the most advanced techniques, in compliance with current regulations and the environment, with our passion and love for olives.
From the olive grove to the table, every step we take preserves the natural goodness of each olive.
Strong and deep roots,


Everything we do reflects the teachings and values of our founder Antonio Granata and of those who, over the years, have worked hard to make us what we are today. Staying true to our origins is a core and constitutive element of our entire business ethic. It is an aspect that is evident in everything we do:
  • the passion we put into our work every day
  • our relationship with our farmers and growers
  • the way we value and respect the work of our team
  • the ways in which we strive to understand our customers' needs and how we communicate with them.
Founded in 1936, Antonio Granata Olives is now managed by the third and fourth generation of the family. And the family has always been our strength: Francesco, Gennaro, and Massimo Granata are the three brothers who, together with their father Antonio Granata, have worked all their lives to maintain the relationships of trust that we have established over time with our customers, while updating the company with all the latest technological and marketing innovations.


Whether you want to enjoy a quick aperitif, prepare a tasty first course or accompany a platter of cheeses and cold cuts, with Antonio Granata Olives products, you have a lot of options.
Our product par excellence is Nocellara, which is accompanied by other varieties of olives typical of Sicily, such as Itrana black olives, Bella di Cerignola, and Leccino. We also sell olives from other countries (Greece, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, and Latin America) to satisfy the demands of all our customers.
In addition to our extensive range of table and dining olives, over the last few years, we have also produced foodstuffs and gastronomic specialities that represent the best of Italian cuisine, made from ingredients of controlled origin and always respecting the local environment and traditions. Our special attention is reserved for all the balanced tastes of "Made in Italy" that make our cuisine so unique.

Our olive groves in Sicily

We grow our olives in one of the most fertile lands in the world, the island of Sicily. Rich in history, charm and culture, Sicily has soil with unique natural characteristics, resulting in produce with an unmistakable taste. Our connection with this region goes back a long way. Over the years, our relationship with Sicily has become increasingly close, and in 2010 we became part of a joint venture in Castelvetrano (Trapani), known as the City of Olives, after the large-scale cultivation of Nocellara olives. This allows us to create a greater vertical integration of production, which makes it easier for us to guarantee a suitable quantity of high quality raw ingredients.
Learn more about our Olive Groves


Throughout the entire supply chain, we comply with all the food safety standards, so that our processes comply with all industry standards. We have obtained all the Certifications we need to operate more widely, and this has allowed us to expand our user base, which has become increasingly international year by year. Our packaging is also constantly evolving, both to ensure the freshness of the products inside and to adapt to new environmental concerns. We all have to play a more active role in protecting our environment.


The commitment we have made to the ongoing training and professional development of all our staff is a key factor in our success. The technical and training aspects are, of course, essential but one factor is more important than all the others: being passionate about your work.


In 2005, we finally brought one of our biggest projects to fruition: we opened a new 1,000 square metre warehouse in the industrial area of Teverola (CE). This new industrial complex has allowed us to improve our process logistics and given fresh impetus to our company fleet


In 2020, we invested in a new industrial plant. It covers an area of about 30,000 square metres, and is equipped with the latest generation production system, consisting of:
  • pitting machine for olives, which makes it possible to produce either 'rondella' sliced olives or half olives.
  • a glass jar/tin can machine, the latest generation in container production equipment.
  • a purification plant for processing water.
  • cold rooms with a robotic shuttle system.
  • state-of-the-art pallet trucks connected to the management system and the cold storage cells.
  • facilities for the packaging of any type of product.
  • an internal quality control laboratory: each product within the process is thoroughly checked before, during, and after processing (both in the unloading and loading phase).
  • automatic packaging
  • a photovoltaic power system.
The new plant is in Gricignano di Aversa (CE), Zona ASI, Aversa Nord Business Park, in the "CAPPELLA NUOVA" area.


Write to us and a member of our team will contact you.

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