Antonio granata olives

A Story of good taste and family

All Antonio Granata Olives products are the result of experience that has been gained over four generations, over more than 80 years.
Antonio Granata started out as a simple street vendor. The tradition of excellent local cuisine was handed down from father to son, passing on his legacy to later generations. Today, it is Antonio's sons, Francesco, Gennaro, and Massimo, and their grandchildren, who carry on the business with the same dedication, while embracing all the latest developments and opportunities that are available to them. One aspect of which we are particularly proud is that we have been able to transform ourselves from a small local family business into an international company, without ever losing sight of our formative principle of authenticity because it is important to us to continue to promote the value of the traditional produce of our region.
The business began
We started out as street vendors of table olives, based in the Vesuvian villages (our ancestral home) and supplied the local markets of Naples and its surroundings. We were a humble family, with lots of children, but from the very beginning the older members of the family supported the founder, Antonio Granata.
Opening of the first facility in Naples
Like any self-respecting story, there has been no shortage of difficult moments. With the Second World War and during the post-war period, expanding the circle of buyers was no easy task. But, thanks to the stubbornness of our family and the quality of our products, we made a name for ourselves in the city, and were eventually able to open our first facility in Naples.
The 90s
The years of consolidation
Our first customers were delicatessens, small supermarkets, and frozen food stores. For this market, we packed our product in plastic containers of 13 kilogram plastic containers.
The olive groves in Sicily
Sicily is a wonderful land that has always welcomed us with open arms. Every year, at the end of September, Antonio Granata left for Sicily for the harvest and selection of olives, taking his children with him.
The introduction of the vacuum pack
In 1996, we bought the first machine for vacuum-packing olives. It was a real revolution for those times, when most olives were still packed in bags and tied with a basic knot. The transparent vacuum pack displayed the product well and gave our customers a longer shelf life.
The new plant in Teverola
In 2005, we achieved one of our greatest ambitions, opening a new warehouse in the industrial park near Teverola. This is an industrial complex that has allowed us to make great improvements in production and logistics.
Joint venture in Sicily
In 2010, we became part of a joint venture in Sicily, specifically in Castelvetrano (Trapani). The joint venture allows us to produce a unique range of products, which was particularly appreciated by our large-scale retailers and foreign customers.
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A new industrial plant
In 2020, we invested in a new industrial plant. It covers an area of around 30,000 square metres and is equipped with the latest generation in production systems.
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